Kana Kanji Funtime

Kana Kanji FuntimeTwo things. First, I just finished/added a new app, check it out in iTunes: Kana Kanji Funtime. The goal with Kana Kanji Funtime was to create a fun and casual app that I (and others) could use to quickly quiz my kanji knowledge in a way that wouldn’t require actually sitting down and studying. It helps to mix things up from time to time and I think this is definitely more exciting than just drilling with flashcards. In the least, its a way to have preset goals to achieve and it encourages me to try to beat my previous high score. Anyway, I’ve been enjoying it and I hope you will too.

Second, a quick update on other things. There are some big updates coming to the other apps. Specifically, Learning Japanese and the Japanese Alphabet Study Guide. I don’t want to get into details, but I will say this – the plan is to convert both apps to universal binaries that will allow them to properly scale for the iPad. That is, after you download the version 2.0 updates, the apps will work natively on the iPad. I can’t commit to a timeline just yet, but I may post screenshots in the near future to show progress.

As always, thanks for reading.

4 thoughts on “Kana Kanji Funtime”

  1. Hi Ronald. I use your “Guide to Japanese” app and really enjoy the functionality and design. I’d love to try your alphabet app to study Kanji but I’m currently study via the Heisig system. I think it would be great if your app added support that list in addition to Jouyou and the other system.

    1. @Ealey, I may look into adding this in the next version… I would have to make sure I wouldn’t be infringing any copyrights by doing so. It may be a matter of licensing.

  2. First of all, I love this app. It’s really fun!:)

    One suggestion – if of course you plan on extending it’s functionality – for now the elements are presented always in the same order. I noticed that I tend to remember order in which sets are presented. It would be so cool to have a test of random signs (random order, from all completed level) just after each completed level.

    Would you consiser something like this?

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